A Community for Women at Flaming Word Ministries

If you are a woman who is passionate about living a Christ-centered life, then Flaming Word Ministries has a place for you in our Fairfield, CA church. Our women’s ministry has a vibrant atmosphere that aims to solidify every member’s relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Our ministry gladly welcomes women from all ages and all walks of life. We are here to empower you as well as create a united female community that is anchored on God’s Divine Word. In addition, we want you to look at Christ for encouragement, service, as well as boundless spiritual growth.

We are a lot more than a church organization—we are a fellowship that constantly finds ways to inspire each other. Whether you take part in bible sharing, mentorship, or prayer sessions, you’ll definitely feel God’s grace radiate in everything we do. Contact us if you are interested in becoming part of our women’s ministry!