A Brief History of Flaming Word Ministries

In 2014, Flaming Word Ministries in Fairfield, CA was established after we answered a call from God. We were initially part of a larger organization that was domiciled in Columbia, NC. Both organizations have been under the spiritual leadership of Pastor Sweetie Tagata since July 7, 2004.

About Pastor Sweetie Tagata

Pastor Sweetie willingly accepted his calling to become a pastor in 2004. Three years after, his faith was put on full display as he was appointed as the senior pastor of Flaming Word Ministries. He has a compassionate heart for all souls and loves surrounding himself with people in the hope of guiding them to their purpose in the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Sweetie is married to his lovely wife, Chandra Tagata. They have seven children (four boys and three girls) as well as one beautiful granddaughter who has captured their hearts so deeply.

Our Devout Staff Members

  • Charles Williams, Sr., Assistant Elder
  • Abraham Rincon, Outreach Director
  • Rico and Rachel Cintron, Ministry of Music
  • Richard Meredith, Deacon
  • Rosalyn Lomack, Secretary

Charles Williams, Sr., Assistant Elder

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Abraham Rincon, Outreach Coordinator

Bro. Abraham is the Outreach Coordinator for the Flaming Word Ministry. The scriptures teach us that the Good Shepherd will leave the 99 to seek out the one that is lost. I was that one, and I am forever grateful to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for leading me to his Kingdom. I am a father of three beautiful children and a grandfather to five grandkids who are so precious to my heart.

Our Church has a heart and a strong desire to seek those that are lost. We are on the streets day or night, in hopes to reach those who are searching for the word of God and looking for a changed life.

Being a street evangelist is my calling from the Lord. Serving the Lord Jesus is an honor and a privilege. Should you see us on the streets and need a prayer or would like to join us, please stop us to say hello.

Rico and Rachel Cintron, Ministry of Music

Praise the Lord! We are Rico and Rachel Cintron. Since the Lord has placed us here at Flaming Word Ministries, it has been a great honor and privilege serving in the music department together since 2014. Working alongside one another has not only strengthened our marriage, this opportunity has also blessed our family beyond ways we could never have imagined.

We balance our roles in harmony, as worship leaders/musicians, outreach facilitators, youth coordinators, and parents to four wonderful children. We believe praise and worship breaks down all barriers and walls surrounding our hearts, assisting us to fellowship with God in His presence. He alone drives our ministry and mission to go the distance in fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives! It is our desire, as Husband & Wife, to serve God and bring glory to His name in everything we do. Come join us!

Richard Meredith, Deacon

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Rosalyn Lomack, Secretary

It has been an amazing journey watching God develop and grow the hearts and minds in many; including myself and in this ministry, from the very start in 2004. My roles here, at Flaming Word Ministries, are both rewarding and an honor while serving in the presence of the Lord. I am truly thankful for the teachings and guidance I am receiving here at Flaming Word. I look forward to fellowshipping and worshiping with you. Come and let your hearts be blessed!